Visit Day of Europe and test your skills!

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This year too, Europass will participate in the festival on the occasion of Europe Day, which takes place on May 5, 2023 at Strelecky Ostrov in Prague

You can meet us at our stand dedicated to the European Year of Skills, which will be located under the bridge, left from the main staircase. 

What have we prepared for you? 

You can test your digital skills right at our stand with the Europass digital skills test. You can test yourself for free, either on the spot or later, just use your mobile phone and scan the QR code at the stand. You will find out what your level of knowledge is in five areas: information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital content creation, security and problem solving. Your results are then clearly summarized in a PDF certificate that you can upload to your e-portfolio. 

Are you not sure what an e-portfolio is and how to get one? Come see and we will help you! We'll teach you how to set up your Europass profile and portfolio, and advise you on how to show what you're capable of, whether you're looking for a job, part-time job or going to study abroad. The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) will also help you open the door to other European countries by explaining your qualification levels in a simple way. 

And because 2023 is a European year of skills, we will also tell you, which skills might become useful in the future. Do you want to know, which skills you need to success? Why should you focus on digital, soft or green skills?  

Fun competitions and quizzes will also be part of the program at our stand! 

 Come and see the Europass and EQF stand on May 5, 2023 at Střelecký ostrov, Prague 1. We look forward to seeing you! 

 You can find the complete Europe Day program on the event's official website 

Team Europass and EQF