Study visit of Korean delegation of Sejong City Office of Education

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On Friday July 28 2023, we were pleased to host a delegation from the Sejong City Office of Education from South Korea at the NPI CR Conference Center. 
The delegation included 24 officials and teachers, specifically teaching the topic of peace and unification of the Korean people. They came to us as part of a trip around Europe to get to know the educational systems in European countries and to share information and trends in teaching practice. 

During the morning program, we focused on the specifics of education systems in the Czech Republic and South Korea, we also touched topics of inclusive education and the system of continuing education for teaching staff. Digitalization and its influence on education was also a big topic. 
During the visit, we came to the conclusion that we are facing similar problems in education, for example the consequences of COVID19 and the current global geopolitical situation. 

At the end of the program, colleagues from Korea presented their conclusions to us: 

  • From their point of view, the position of a teacher is similar everywhere in the world 
  • Their vision is for students to be lifelong learners and stay positive and curious 
  • As similar institutions, we solve similar problems, but we also have the same goals, which is happy children  
  • We don't know what kind of world awaits us in the future, but children shall be happy there and live in a stable community. 

We all keep our fingers crossed for each other in our work and the fulfillment of our goals. Thank you for your kind visit and we are glad that the vision of educated teachers and satisfied happy children connects countries across the whole world. 

Lenka Crouchley & Martina Weigertová