On vocational education with representatives from South Korea

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On August 31st and September 1st we welcomed once again a delegation from South Korea, this time it was a group of officials from Gyeonggi Province. The program was divided into two days. 

On Thursday August 31st we presented the Czech educational system for the entire group, counting more than 120 people. The presentation was followed by a discussion in which we mostly talked about vocational trainings, organization of the school year and education of students with special needs. Our presentation was one of three contributions that day. Our companions were representatives from the Korean Studies department at Charles University and the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research

During the next part of the program, the members of the delegation were divided into smaller groups according to their expertise. On Friday September 1st we hosted a group of 12 officials, who spent the whole morning talking with our VET experts about the system of vocational education and development of the curriculum. The topic of vocational education was the main reason why NPI was invited to cooperate during the officials' visit to Prague. In addition to the creation of educational programs for VET, we also discussed other topics such as career counselling or vocational trainings and internships. 

The atmosphere was very pleasant in both parts of the program, discussions were also very enriching. The coordinators of the study visit expressed a desire to bring another group of officials and teachers next year. 

Lenka Crouchley