Making skills count conference

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A hybrid conference took place on 8-9 June in Brussels and online as a flagship event of the European Year of Skills.  The goal was to explore different ways in which skills count and matter. It did so by stimulating discussions among leading experts, policymakers and key stakeholders in the field and by showcasing initiatives and tools addressing skills-related challenges. The programme contended presentations, panel discussions and workshops.  

The highlights of the conference outcomes are: 

"when building a digital state make sure, that people have proper digital skills" 

"upskilling and reskilling must become a common mindset for both employees and employers" 

"if we want to apply reskilling, we need to truly know what employers need (and not what we think they need)" 

"most companies use only 50% of their employees’ skills and potential" 

"motivation is crucial as well as a belief that what we do has a meaning (for employers, employees, global environment etc.)" 

You can watch the recording of the event here

For more similar events visit the European Year of Skills website and find your own based on your time and place preferences.

Lenka Crouchley

4. 7. 2023